Collegio GhislieriCollegio Ghislieri
Collegio Ghislieri

Piazza Ghislieri, 4 - 27100 Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382 3786217

Collegio Ghislieri

The Collegio Ghislieri was founded in 1567 by Pope St. Pius V and falls under the patronage of the Italian President. It is acknowledged by the Italian Ministry for Higher Education and Research as an “Institute of outstanding cultural qualification”. This sixteenth century building is situated right in the historical centre of Pavia, not far from the main seat of the University and the Arts faculties. It houses approximately 200 male and female students. A separate residential block, not far from the Science Schools, was set up a few years ago for graduates. This residence (Ca’ della Paglia) plays host to 40 graduates in 40 self-contained studio apartments and also provides a room cleaning service, internet and a computer room.

Piazza Ghislieri, 4 - 27100 Pavia (PV)
Telephone 0382 3786217 - Fax 0382 23752
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Collegio Nuovo Fondazione Sandra e Enea MatteiCollegio Nuovo Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei
Collegio Nuovo Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei

Via Abbiategrasso, 404 - 27100 Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382 5471

Collegio Nuovo

The Collegio Nuovo was established in 1978 thanks to the generosity of Sandra Bruni Mattei, a far-sighted industrial entrepreneur, with the aim to foster the social and cultural promotion of brilliant university female students. Aware of the increasing prominence of women in the community, the Founder laid the basis for the development of a rich and stimulating International milieu in which dedication, diversity, creativity and cross-disciplinary expertise allow the students a complete education in the name of quality and excellence, useful and appreciated also in the world of work.

Via Abbiategrasso, 404 - 27100 Pavia (PV)
Telephone 0382 5471 - Fax 0382 423235
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Almo Collegio BorromeoAlmo Collegio Borromeo
Almo Collegio Borromeo

Piazza Borromeo, 9 - 27100 Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382 3951

Collegio Borromeo

Il Collegio Borromeo, fondato da San Carlo nel 1561, è uno dei più bei palazzi della Lombardia. Progettato da Pellegrino Tibaldi detto il Pellegrini, affacciato sul Ticino e circondato dal verde dei suoi giardini e degli Orti, venne definito già dal Vasari ‘palazzo per la Sapienza’. Ha ininterrottamente ospitato una comunità singolare di mille e mille studenti dell’Università di Pavia, uomini illustri che da Federico Borromeo a Agostino Bertani, Carlo Forlanini, Contardo Ferrini e Cesare Angelini, hanno nel tempo onorato le Scienze, le Lettere e le responsabilità morali e civili di questa nostra cultura e società.

Piazza Borromeo, 9 - 27100 Pavia (PV)
Telephone 0382 3951 - Fax 0382 395343
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Fondazione Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da SienaFondazione Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da Siena
Fondazione Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da Siena

Via S. Martino, 17/a - 27100 Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382 375099

Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da Siena

The wondering women

Living the university, imagining your future.

The Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da Siena is a highly-qualified university training centre, dedicated to female students enrolled in the degree courses or upgrade, specialization and research courses of Pavia University.

A multidisciplinary and international environment in which to grasp the best opportunities for studying and launching out into the world of work.

Changing the world, one young woman at a time.

The College’s mission is to train well-prepared professional persons, ready to place their expertise and experience at the service of society.

Strong women, determined in terms of their decisions and their desire to understand the world and the changes it is undergoing: not wonder women then but wondering women able to ponder over reality and its meaning.

An institute which plays a lead role in the cultural life of the city, able to cater to the needs of students and create a warm and serene family atmosphere during and also after the years at University.

College of merit, European post-graduate training.

Each student is accompanied through her university career by an extensive range of supplementary courses and seminars, with the chance to make use of scholarships and study stays, workshops and internships in Italy and abroad.

At the end of this experience, the student can obtain the Diploma Supplement (DS), a supplementary qualification issued by advanced learning institutes, developed and promoted by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the Unesco.

The entrance exam

Admission to the College is by means of participation in a competition held every year in September, a diploma mark of at least 80/100 is required. The winners of the competition maintain their place up to graduation with an average mark of 27/30.

Every year the students pay an oblation proportionate to their family income. Special attention is paid to situations of economic difficulty, with free and subsidized places and facilitations.

Studying and living in the College.

In the building in via San Martino, in the old-city centre of Pavia only a few metres from the main University building, the students are accommodated in single rooms with private amenities and room cleaning.

The canteen operates from September to July and there are kitchens on the floors.

At disposal are a large garden, study and computer rooms, a conference hall, a library with over 11,000 books, a video library and a newspaper and periodical library, and recreational spaces for sport and leisure time.

Pavia city of knowledge.

Pavia is a city rich in art and history, people-friendly and surrounded by the Parco del Ticino. Its university is one of the oldest and most prestigious and offers a range of different courses actively supported by a university college system which is unique in terms of quantity and quality and in creating and promoting cultural initiatives.

The Collegio S. Caterina plays a lead role in the city’s cultural life. Distinctive traits of its spirit of initiative are civil and social commitment, focus on legality issues, ethical and religious debate, excellence in the scientific medical and biomedical field and innovation in publishing.

Its history, its relations.

The College is among the high-qualification cultural Institutions under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Established in 1973, it is among the founding bodies of the Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia.

Since 1997, it has been a member of the CCUM Associazione dei Collegi Universitari di Merito and EUCA European University College Association. In 2008, it joined the WEW Women’s Education Worldwide, international network of colleges dedicated to women’s education.

Among its most prestigious partnerships, the twinning with St. Michael’s College of Toronto (CAN) and Hughes Hall of the University of Cambridge (GB).

Via S. Martino, 17/B - 27100 Pavia (PV)
Telephone 0382 375099 - Fax 0382 33423
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Residenza Universitaria Biomedica

In July 2010, the Biomedical University Residence was opened. This is located in the immediate vicinity of the Pavia University scientific complex.

The courses made available are dedicated to female students and post-graduates involved in higher education – “laurea magistrale”, master, doctorate, research and upgrade courses – prevalently in the biomedical field.

Entry is by means of a competitive examination for qualified candidates and interview. Students are given the chance to live in an international and inter-cultural environment, to make use of study rooms and recreational spaces and to take part in the specifically dedicated supplementary training programme.

Via Giulotto 12, 27100 - Pavia
Telephone +39 0382 516762 - Fax +39 0382 516790
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