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The Conferenza dei Collegi

The 'Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito’ (CCUM) is the association that brings together and represents the University Colleges recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (D. Lgs. 68/12).

As a branch association, CCUM provides an independent and cohesive voice for representing the University Colleges of Merit towards different stakeholders.
CCUM supports the Italian Ministry of Education in the checking phase of the criteria for the recognition and accreditation process (D. M. 672/16, D.M. 673/16).

The Conferenza dei Collegi


Soft skills certification

Global policies that are aimed at increasing youth employability and economy competitiveness put soft skills at the core of higher education reform. Soft skills represent a dynamic combination of cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, interpersonal, intellectual and practical skills. Soft skills help people to adapt and behave positively so that they can deal effectively with the challenges of their professional and everyday life.

Educational project

The University Colleges of Merit stand out from any other residential offer because of their educational project for students.

Living in a University College means being part of a group and experience different levels of complexity and interaction. They represent a 'living and learning environment' where students can learn to manage horizontal and vertical relationships, take part effectively in social activities, develop their sense of responsibility and teamworking skills.

Student affairs and services

CCUM is an actor of the higher education area by offering programs, services and facilities to foster both students’ academic success and their personal and professional development, and by encouraging the creation of a lively university community.

Its expertise comes from the long-term activity of University Colleges and from the professional students affairs associations it belongs to (NASPA, ACUHO-I).

Institutions of University Colleges of Merit