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Admission to the college is based on merit. Applicants are required to apply and take a written exam, followed by one or more interviews, including motivational interviews.

Each college has different requirements for admission, tenure, and timelines. Detailed information can be found on Colleges’ websites.

Compagni di università che parlano tra loro

Art. 34 of the Italian Constitution
"Capable and deserving pupils, including those lacking financial resources, have the right to attain the highest levels of education. The Republic renders this right effective through scholarships, allowances to families and other benefits, which shall be assigned through competitive examinations."

Compagni di università che studiano insieme


University Colleges of Merit provide the best housing opportunity at a very low fee.
Deserving students have the opportunity to study regardless of their economic situation, as guaranteed by Article 34 of the Italian Constitution.

Families often struggle to pay for housing in cities with universities. In the College the annual fee, including room, full board, tuition, and services, ranges from EUR7,500 to EUR 9,000 on average, depending on the family income declaration (ISEE).

Scholarships, grants, agreements, and concessions are provided by national programs or directly from the Colleges. All students eligible to receive scholarships and grants up to 100 percent off tuition fees.

Opportunities and Scholarships

The colleges offer everyone the possibility of benefits up to covering 100% of the tuition thanks to scholarships, contributions, agreements and benefits provided at national level or by managing bodies. Find out which ones!

Borsa di Studio INPS

INPS provides annually national scholarships housing subsidy for italian students. The Scholarship provided by INPS to cover part or all of the tuition contribution at University Colleges of Merit is renewable until the graduation.

Who is it aimed at?

The call for applications is intended for college students who are sons or daughters, including foster children, or orphans of:

  • members of the Unitary Management of Credit and Social Benefits;

  • pensioners who are users of the Public Employees' Management;

  • enrolled in the Magisterial Assistance Management;

  • enrolled in the former IPOST Fund Management.

What it includes

The winning student obtains the grant for the entire cycle of academic studies, including in the transition from a bachelor's degree to a master's degree, as long as he or she graduates on time and as long as the transition occurs on the earliest possible date of matriculation. In that case, the student retains the benefit and does not have to renew the application.

How does it work

INPS guarantees the coverage from 55 percent and up to 100 percent of the tuition fee. The benefit is subject to admission at the University College of Merit of interest, according Colleges’ notices.

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Scholarship ENPAM

The ENPAM Foundation supports the contribution for access to "Merit" University Colleges.

Who is it aimed at?

The children and equivalents of doctors and dentists registered with ENPAM can benefit from the scholarship.

What it includes

ENPAM grants each beneficiary  og €5,000.00 per year during their studies. If the College charges less than €5,000.00 for tuition, the scholarship covers the amount owed.

How does it woek

The subsidy is paid to account for the payment of tuition in the University Colleges of Merit.

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Other opportunities

In addition to the scholarships and financial aids mentioned above, more than 3,000 merit-based scholarships are offered as tuition relief or free housing in the Colleges of Merit.
Grants are provided directly by the Colleges to admitted students. All information is posted periodically on the websites of each College.

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