CCUM for Colleges

The Conference of Colleges of Merit (CCUM), represents, promotes, and supports the educational and residential activities of the Colleges through:

  • Staff training
  • Study and research activities, benchmarking, and analysis of performance indicators of the Colleges
  • International networking
  • Assistance in the development of university housing
  • Operational support for the Ministry of University and Research in recognition and accreditation procedures

At these aim CCUM also organizes events to promote merit and the College brand.

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Our commitment to orientation

Incoming Orientation

How to Make the Best decision for Your Future?
Through one-on-one orientation interviews and events, University Colleges of Merit offer orientation programs for students in their final years of high school. These programs supplement those offered by Universities and schools.

Career Orientation

Thanks to career coaching, meetings, and placement (see agreement with Cavalieri del Lavoro), Collegiate students receive support in orientation, Additionally the entire training process is designed to help them find their potential, their value, and their orientation to the job market.

Training, coaching and community are the basis for the development of the potential of each student, searching for themselves and their talents to start designing their career path, during the last years of college.
Compagni di università che seguono le lezioni

College Diploma

The "College Diploma" or College Certificate is issued by each college and certifies the skills acquired during the college experience.

Some Colleges certify the acquisition of specific skills through professional assessment activities carried out by independent certifying companies.

The Diploma can be presented as additional certification in the selection procedures of public administrations and with employers in the private sector

Research Centre and Activities

The Research Centre organizes initiatives and researches that aim to enhance the value of merit, history, educational and competency models, lifestyle, and the idea of community found in University Colleges of Merit.

Among the publications promoted and commissioned by the Study Center The European House of Ambrosetti's 2019 Research on "The Value of Colleges of Merit."

The study, aimed at identifying the value points and distinctiveness of the University Colleges of Merit, qualifying and quantifying the contribution they offer to the country, and to make students, families, and stakeholders aware of the reality of the Colleges.

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