History and Organisation

Since 2011, CCUM has represented the Colleges legally recognized in Italy by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

Giardino di un Collegio Universitario

The history of CCUM

The first Italian University Colleges can be traced back to the 14th century, but their greatest progress occurred in the Renaissance period and during the last century. The Colleges' aim has always been to encourage social advancement based on merit.

Throughout the 20th century, University Colleges trained a responsible ruling class to interpret modern society's changes. This prompted the Italian State to validate the long-standing history of Colleges in Italy, recognizing their role in cultural development.

The recognized Colleges created a representative body in 1995 called the Permanent Conference of University Colleges (CCU). In 2011, it became the CCUM - Conference of University Colleges of Merit, legally based in Rome.

Collegio Borromeo


The Association is composed of the Assembly of the Associates, the President, the Vice President, the Board, and the Auditor. The common goal is to assist the Colleges in national and international relations.

Vincenzo Salvatore


Almo Collegio Borromeo di Pavia

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Board Members - Accredited Associates

Carla Bisleri

Vice Presidente

Collegio Luigi Lucchini di Brescia

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Giovanna Torre

Collegio Santa Caterina di Pavia

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Giuseppe Ghini

Fondazione RUI

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Raffaele Calabrò

IPE - Istituto per Ricerche e Attività Educative

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Board Members - Recognised Associates

Emanuele Meconcelli

Fondazione Mons. Botto di Cagliari

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Angela Sancricca

Fondazione ONAOSI di Perugia

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