F.A.Q. Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of living in a University College of Merit?

Living in a University College of Merit means choosing:
- a quality accommodation in single, double, or shared rooms, common areas, with high-level services.
- a unique and personalized educational pathway that prepares students for the world of work and guarantees holistic growth.
- low-cost housing with scholarships that cover up to 100 percent of tuition fees
- a community, a group of students from whom to be welcomed and with whom to share the challenges of collegiate life.
- the support of tutors and coaches, as well as a psychologist always available.

What are the differences between another University Hall of Residence?

In the College, students are admitted on merit and not based on their starting economic status.
The Collegio focuses on the excellence of its students and offers unique opportunities compared to any other housing choice: residences, campuses, and high-level facilities, a personalized educational path, services such as orientation, coaching, and psychological accompaniment, opportunities to experience the university in  group with other students.
Furthermore in the College, scholarships all reductions on fees.

How to access?

Access to the College is gained through a competition based on merit and motivation. Confirmation of the place in the College in the years following the first one, includes merit requirements. Admission criteria and timelines vary from College to College.
University Colleges of Merit also welcome deserving students, residents in their own city who are willing to get involved through an innovative and comprehensive residential and educational proposal.

How much are the fees and the scholarships?

The costs of a College are low compared to the average of any other housing solution and are around an average of 6,500-8,000 euros per year including room and full board, training courses, and services. 80% of students receive scholarships up to the full fee.

How can I find the University College of Merit in the city where I study?

The College search page contains all references of the 57 Colleges in the 18 Italian University cities. If you are astudent looking for an accommodation for the next year at University, you can contact the College and ask for all the information about services, opportunities but also timelines, and announcements.

What do I get at the end of my College course?

Each College issues a certification called a “College Diploma'' to certify the activities carried out by the student. Sometimes it validates the acquisition of specific skills through professional assessment activities carried out by independent certifying companies.

How students are welcomed in the Colleges?

The college experience in a new city, different from your hometown, can be difficult.
Upon entering the College, students feel welcomed, as they find specialized tutors and peers to talk and share the challenges, fears and achievements,  about the first steps at the University

I am an International Student. Can I apply for the College?

Yes, you can. Italian Colleges, host every year international students, erasmus students, and fellows. You can contact the College in the city you will study to learn more.

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