The new academic year is approaching and the current Covid-19 pandemic situation poses us a challenge that needs to be overcome at all costs, so that we can figure out how to navigate these troubled waters.

The University Colleges of Merit are a safe place where university students can continue their academic progress in compliance with current COVID-19 regulations to contain the spread of the virus, with the support of a team of trainers, tutors and coaches who ensure continuity in their studies and in higher education.

There have been no cases of infection in the University Colleges of Merit located across the country.

Safety is guaranteed also thanks to the distinctive features of the University Colleges of Merit, which include:

  • accommodation in single rooms, which means that there will be no problems for students living together on a daily basis
  • large common areas (libraries, study and leisure areas) that allow students to keep their distance from one another while offering an ideal study environment where they can also socialise (which has always been a distinguishing feature of the University Colleges of Merit)
  • connection to GARR, the national ultra-broadband network dedicated to the education and research community, which allows students to easily and quickly access online teaching

The Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito has also set up a dedicated “Covid-19 Committee”, which is in charge of addressing all health safety and social life aspects that are not covered by national and regional laws.

Living in a University College of Merit is therefore the best choice for several reasons: the premises are sanitised on a daily basis, it has large spaces and single rooms, the staff are always available and carefully observe hygiene standards and behaviour rules and, most importantly, students can fully enjoy their university experience with their peers: the future starts today.