Extraordinary Petition


University Colleges of Merit are centres of study and community life offering many talented girls and boys, who often have limited financial resources, the opportunity to obtain a university degree while expanding their cultural knowledge through an interdisciplinary programme combined with university studies. Given the difficult economic circumstances facing Italy, we believe it is now more necessary than ever to promote an initiative that effectively supports the right to higher education to make sure that the passion and talent of many young people will not be stifled.

Established in Pavia in 1561, the Collegio Borromeo is aware of the need for public and private sectors to join forces in this critical situation so that studying does not become unsustainable and end up impoverishing society as a whole.

The Collegio Borromeo has started a petition inviting all university institutions to launch a national scholarship campaign, managed by CRUI and CCUM, with a view to granting all girls and boys who choose to study financial support for their university studies.

d. Alberto Lolli

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